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Recent shows
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19 March 2015
Vines for shade, compost tea, short tomatoes, and more.
12 March 2015
Lots of spring questions! Laurel problems, oxalis, alternatives to turf, and more.
05 March 2015
Lois interviews Mary Schiedt, Yolo Basin Foundation volunteer extraordinaire!
26 February 2015
Organic veggies, grafted fruit trees, bamboo fertilizer, living stones, and more!
19 February 2015
Culinary trends, citrus in pots, other container edibles, bonsai fruit trees, and more!
12 February 2015
Citrus greening disease, winter flowers, dealing with heavy soil, and more!
05 February 2015
Citrus critters, getting ready for spring veg planting, bamboo choices, phenology, and more!
29 January 2015
Feeding plants, bareroot care, tomato weather, the best peaches, and more!

22 January 2015
Fireblight; tomatoes by July, killing weeds with vinegar, choosing a shade tree, and more!
15 January 2015
Mulberries and other easy fruit trees; crapemyrtle pruning, rose pruning and more!
08 January 2015
Chilling hours, moldy flowers, self-watering pots, potting soils, and more!

01 January 2015
Holiday rebroadcast: advice for winter pruning!
25 December 2014
Holiday rebroadcast: low water landscaping!
18 December 2014
Warm winter, lack of chilling; planning ahead, TomTatoes, managing weeds in winter, and more!
11 December 2014
Special rebroadcast: Don talks about native plants!
04 December 2014
Screening a two story house; low-chill peaches, dealing with bindweed, and a quick review of fruit trees for the bareroot season.
27 November 2014
Special rebroadcast: houseplants clean the air, berries to plant now, winter color in the garden, and more.
November 20 2014: rebroadcast of November 13 show. Don was teaching a course on sustainable edibles! There will be a special repeat show on Thanksgiving Day. See you in two weeks!

13 November 2014
Succulents indoors, spider webs, disease prevention in the veg garden, apples and pears, persimmons, and more.
06 November 2014
Lots of quick questions, then Don talks about native plants.
30 October 2014
Fall color, watering new plantings, wildflowers, citrus leafminers, and more!
23 October 2014
California pepper trees; reseeding a lawn, growing apples and pears, and more!
16 October 2014
Edible flowers, low-water small trees, bok choi, heavy soil questions, and more!
09 October 2014
Primocane berries, indoor plants for new gardeners, grafted shade trees and gardenias, and more!
02 October 2014
Amending when you plant, watering more effectively, bamboo for screening, and more!
25 September 2014
Low-water plants for shade; replacing your lawn, and more!
18 September 2014
Watering rules, native plant resources, keeping houseplants healthy, and more!
11 September 2014
Leaf burn on maples, amending soil for new landscapes, borers in olives, and more!
04 September 2014
12 tips for water reduction, drought watering restrictions, flower borders, and more!
28 August 2014
Winter tomatoes, drought issues, definitions, trumpet vines, and more!
21 August 2014
Choosing a tree, borers in roses, easy houseplants, and more!
14 August 2014
Saratoga bay tree, issues with native plants, fall vegetables, snapdragons; reducing lawn watering, and more!
07 August 2014
West Nile spray impact on the garden; capeweed, passionflower caterpillars, lawn weeds, echibeckias and digeplexis, pluots, and more!
31 July 2014
Vegan plant food, plants for a warm patio, mealy peaches, Turkey oaks, and more!
24 July 2014
Flowers for cutting; tomato blight, summer pruning, mulberry roots, scorched magnolias, and more!
17 July 2014
Tomato fruit set, lawn questions, screen ideas, nandina berries, and more!
10 July 2014
Summer fruit problems, brown areas in lawn, roses for shade, and more!
03 July 2014
Flowers for cutting, mosquito plant, mildew on grapes, digiplexis, flowers for a garden party, and more!
26 June 2014
Watering, soils, algae, turkeys, rats, and more!
19 June 2014
General watering issues; problems with apricots and peaches, and more!
12 June 2014
Pinching tomatoes, watering redwoods, late veg planting, and more!
05 June 2014
June in your garden, and more!
29 May 2014
Plants in pots, dolomite lime, vinegar as an herbicide, pruning evergreens and hedges, and more!
22 May 2014
Don answers three dozen spring garden questions!
15 May 2014
Worms and larvae in garden beds; low-water plant resources, problems with things not leafing out, and more!
08 May 2014
Phormiums, comments about compost and mulch, cucumber bitterness, and more!
01 May 2014
Spots on leaves, rose issues, yellow leaves, laurels; conserving lawn water, and more!
24 April 2014
Watering large trees; calculating mulch, more on blueberries, mandarins, fireblight, and more!
17 April 2014
Trademarks and BrazelBerries; blueberries, clematis, Don's favorite tomatoes, and more!
10 April 2014
Easy flowers; plants for dry shade, and more!
03 April 2014
Special rebroadcast: all about tomatoes!
27 March 2014
How long flowers bloom, artichokes from seed, landscape designers, and more!
20 March 2014
Corn in pots, quick hedges, tomatoes in pots, primroses, biochar, and more!
13 March 2014
Special rebroadcast on low water landscaping!
06 March 2014
Cleanest shade trees; indoor Ficus, followup freeze issues, GMO grass seed, and more!
27 February 2014
Controlled-release fertilizers, soil temps, yellow leaves, corn meal, hops, fragrant flowers, and more!
20 February 2014
Whiteflies, drip systems, spots on houseplant leaves, and more!
13 February 2014
Planting with compost, starting African violets, moldy flowers, indoor succulents, and more!
06 February 2014
Three-in-one-hole fruit trees vs multi-graft; rose availability, disposing of old pesticides, greywater issues, and more!
30 January 2014
Special rebroadcast: mostly pruning!
23 January 2014
Bulb problems, special pruning questions, and more!
16 January 2014
Drought update, freeze update (sigh); bareroot terms explained, and more!
09 January 2014
Winter fertilizing, palm problems, loquats, some pruning questions, and more!
02 January 2014
Sheet mulching to get rid of the lawn; Christmasberry shrubs, drought and freeze issues, and more!

Station closed Dec. 26
19 December 2013
December questions, winter color, dormant spray issues, and more!
12 December 2013
Poinsettias, pruning roses, post-freeze issues, and more!

05 December 2013
Composting leaves; freeze and frost protection!
Station closed November 28 2013: rebroadcast show all about bulbs.
21 November 2013
Bulb planting season; managing berries, transplanting houseplants; mistletoe, mandarins, and more!
14 November 2013
Transplanting palms; Lois talks about hummingbirds; berries, bulbs, onions, and dormant sprays, and more!
07 November 2013
Fall yard cleanup, big footed bugs, citrus hedges; getting started on low-water plantings, and more!
31 October 2013
Oaks that don't drop leaves; late season mildew, growing bonsai, and more!
24 October 2013
Low-light entryway; more on cover crops, feeding citrus, and more!
17 October 2013
Looking ahead to frost protection; currants, stressed trees, growing herbs!
10 October 2013
Privacy plants, bamboo; cover crops, redwood problems, fragrant winter flowers!
03 October 2013
Supersoil, potting soils, bulbs in the lawn, dealing with varmints!
26 September 2013
Tomato review; broccoli and its cousins; easy edibles, and more about natives!
19 September 2013
More about native plants!
September 12 2013 program was a rerun from spring; Don was out of town.

05 September 2013
Late summer questions, getting started with native plants, and more!
29 August 2013
House plant food; availability issues, bermudagrass in shrubs, special soils, tropical look for partial shade, and much more!
22 August 2013
Gardening for bees; Lois'es house plant system, and more!
15 August 2013
Blueberries; blossom end rot, flowering plants for August, and more!
08 August 2013
Brown areas in lawn; pruning blackberries, watering potted trees, poisonous plants, and more!
01 August 2013
CSI horticulture; black soldier flies, flower color, scale on a citrus, and more!
25 July 2013
Straw bale gardening, gophers, removing a ficus vine, vine suggestions for shade, and more!
18 July 2013
Tomato late blight, color for the shade, and more!
11 July 2013
Veg leaf problems, heat stress, Lois has house plant questions, and more!
No program July 4 2013 -- station closed!

27 June 2013
Some favorite small trees, crapemyrtle color questions, and more!
20 June 2013
More water-saving tips, veggies in June, and more!
13 June 2013
Trees with red leaves; queen palm problems, turning off the sprinklers, and more!
06 June 2013
Growing hops, problems with kale, roses. Good bamboo for a pot, accent plants, and more!
30 May 2013
June in your garden, plus containing bamboo, lemon problems, and more!
23 May 2013
Best planting times? Hebes, sandy soils and watering, and much more!
16 May 2013
Mildew on crapemyrtles, lawn food in compost, growing plums, and much more!
09 May 2013
Don had a speaking engagement, so it's a special rebroadcast: all about tomatoes!
02 May 2013
Don's favorite tomatoes; how to feed vegetables, whiteflies on grapes, and more!
25 April 2013
Sprinkler troubleshooting, walnut flies, shade plants, and more!
18 April 2013
Oak leaves yellowing, pruning tomatoes, prepping for sod, and more!
11 April 2013
Special rebroadcast: Low Water Landscaping Parts 1 and 2!
04 April 2013
April in the garden; garden gender questions cont'd, 'bamboo food', indoor seedlings, and more!
28 March 2013
Aphids; vines for shade, making a meadow, male and female peppers? and more!
21 March 2013
Peonies and lilacs, and other flowers in March; Lois has begonia questions, and more
14 March 2013
Soil temp's for tomatoes; yellowjackets; Low Water Landscaping Part 2
07 March 2013
Adding nitrogen on a budget; Low Water Landscaping Part 1
28 February 2013
Lois has hibiscus questions! Maple vs. zelkova; pruning pears; columbines, dahlias, tuberous begonias, and more!
21 February 2013
Gardening rules, mistletoe, clematis, hand-watering, and more!
14 February 2013
Monsanto seeds, seeds from eBay, success with bareroot, freeze damage on citrus, and more
07 February 2013
Cecille Brunner rose; aphids; berries; pruning crapemyrtles; getting ready for veg planting!
31 January 2013
Lilacs and redbuds, citrus problems, and more!
24 January 2013
All-Star ground covers; fragrant roses, evening primrose, and winter gardening topics!
17 January 2013
Moving a tree; apples; fig pruning; pluerries; GMO fruit trees?
10 January 2013
Hydrangea problem, galls, onions, ground cover for path, more on fruit trees!
03 January 2013
It's bareroot season! Talking about deciduous fruit trees!
27 December 2012
Holiday rebroadcast: all about berries!
20 December 2012
Pruning an apricot; new wood, old wood; bamboo indoors; phosphorus; low water choices, and more!
Pictures from 2012 shows 13 December 2012
Greens in the winter; microclimates; easy food plants. and more!
06 December 2012
Gummosis on citrus, choosing trees for a neighborhood, poinsettias, and more!
29 November 2012
Growing from seed: blueberries, roses, citrus? Plus: questions about buddleia, old-fashioned snapdragons, and more!
No program November 22; station closed for Thanksgiving
15 November 2012
New peach leaf curl controls, time to plant onions, feeding plants in fall, and more!
08 November 2012
Allergy-free landscaping, Japanese maple dieback, Myoporum thrips, passionflowers indoors, blue orchids, and more!
01 November 2012
Plants for very low light; November in your garden, and more
25 October 2012
Hedges and screens; narrow plants for odd places, bamboo for privacy, and more
18 October 2012
Shade plants with colorful foliage; questions about perennial cover crops, Daphne, holly, and more
11 October 2012
Special program: all about fall gardening!
04 October 2012
Starting seeds indoors, landscape shrubs dying, fall planting, and more!
27 September 2012
Capers, Chitalpas and Mayten trees, alcohol for pest control, holes in the leaves, and more!
20 September 2012
Trailing shrubs with color, bolting onions, downy mildew on Impatiens; Scotts MiracleGro, and more!
13 September 2012
Low-water lawns, problem garden beds, limes and lemons, wormy pears, and more!
06 September 2012
Choosing a small tree; managing nematodes, planter box soil, and more!
30 August 2012
Growing lotus, venus flytraps, squash problems, drip systems, worms, and much more!
23 August 2012
Heirloom tomatoes. brown spots in lawns, tender subtropicals, shade lovers, and more!
16 August 2012
Designing mixed planters, early cool-season vegetables, what is a variety, and more!
09 August 2012
August flowers, dividing perennials, pruning evergreens, and more!
02 August 2012
Cherry update, giant pumpkins, flower fertilizers, veg problems, and more!
26 July 2012
Houseplant and lemon problems, fertilizers, dragonflies, comparing crapemyrtles, and more!
19 July 2012
Tomatoes, tomatilloes, low-water lawns, and more!
12 July 2012
Redwood issues, squirrels on tomatoes, taste test (plum vs pluot), shade accents, and more!
05 July 2012
Mixed color planters, weeds in compost, and more!
28 June 2012
Cherry tree problems, vines, jasmine, and more!
21 June 2012
Grass in shade, grapes, aphids on honeysuckle, and morel!
14 June 2012
Lilacs, watering, garden questions, and morel!
07 June 2012
Problems with tomatoes, anthuriums; easy ferns, and morel!
31 May 2012
Crepe murder? And how to build great garden soil!
24 May 2012
Special show: all about tomatoes!
17 May 2012
Cherry fly, cucumbers, hops, sunflowers, and more!
10 May 2012
Impatiens problems, mulch, seaweed, garden books, and more!
03 May 2012
Spring gardening questions: mildew, aphids, tomatoes, and more!
26 April 2012
Planting by seasonal cycles, fungus weather, and more!
19 April 2012
Clematis, April in your garden, identifying cherry trees, and more about tomatoes!
12 April 2012
Tomatoes! and a few listener questions
05 April 2012
Lady Banks rose, citrus alert, and more
29 March 2012
Growing herbs, flowers and bees, Japanese maple questions, and more
22 March 2012
Lois renovates her back yard; caller questions, and much more
15 March 2012
Early season gardening, sustainability, and more!
08 March 2012
Fruit trees from seed, bentgrass, improper pruning problems, and more!
01 March 2012
Early spring questions!
23 February 2012
Winter flowers, fertilizer, drainage and shade, and more!
16 February 2012
Orchids, perennials, and more!
09 February 2012
Fruit tree questions, avocadoes, carpenter bees, and more!
02 February 2012
Attracting birds to the yard, growing nut trees February garden activities, and more.
26 January 2012
Plants from Hawaii, pluots, USDA zones, Lois on birds, and more.
19 January 2012
Miniature fruit trees, moss, starting seeds, easy fruit trees, and more.
12 January 2012
Fruit tree spacing, pruning, and more.
05 January 2012
January gardening: bareroot trees, pruning, and more.
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Some special programs:
Whitefly Management excerpt
Don and Lois discuss how to control whiteflies; excerpt from July 21 2011
31 December 2009
All about pruning!
24 December 2009
All about Citrus!
26 November 2009
Special show: all about bulbs!

Featured Plants & Articles

February 19 2015:

Prunus blireiana
Flowering plum

Prunus Purple Pony
dwarf redleaf plum

January 22 2015:

Ribes malvaceum
Chaparral currant

Sarcococca ruscifolia
Sweet sarcococca; Victorian box

August 14 2014:

Fred Hoffman's "green halo" watering technique
for young trees during a drought!

July 10 2014:

Male carpenter bee on

June 05 2014:

Phytolacca americana

May 15 2014:

Water efficiency information
from the CA Dept of Water Resources

May 08 2014:

Syrphid fly larva
eating aphids!

Syrphid fly
aka hoverfly!

May 01 2014:

Fireblight on a
calleryana pear

April 24 2014:

Don's clematis growing
on a Japanese maple

February 06 2014:

February Gold daffodil

January 09 2014:

Lecanium scale on pluot

Fruiting spurs on plum

Fruit buds on peach

Fruiting spurs on apricot
December 05 2013:

Dec. 5 short freeze

Citrus leaf miner
November 14 2013:

Citrus leaf miner
November 07 2013
Dept of Water Resources
low-water landscape guide
(pdf, large file!)

Cyclamen persicum
Florist's Cyclamen

October 10 2013:

Eric's deer barriers!

A sampling of Wild Boar Farms tomatoes

August 15 2013
Photo gallery:
Some flowers for August!

Photo captions

July 25 2013:

some vines for shade

July 11 2013

Sunburned peach leaves

leaf disorder on cucumber

Vitex agnus-castis 'Amiguita'
Vitex, Chaste tree
June 27 2013

Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite'
Dynamite crapemyrtle showing
cool weather color change

June 06 2013

Beschorneria yuccoides
Mexican lily, Amole
List of accent plants (pdf)

May 23 2013

Penstemon 'Midnight'

Hydrangea quercifolia
Oakleaf hydrangea

April 04 2013

Fireblight 24 hours after infection

Fireblight later in the season

Comparing wasps and yellowjackets

March 21 2013
Guide to Estimating
Irrigation Water Needs

large pdf file!
Department of Water Resources

March 14 2013
IPM site about soil solarization
Don's long list of drought-tolerant plants!

February 28 2013

Magnolia soulangeana 'Alexandrina'
Saucer magnolia, sometimes called
Tulip tree

Almonds: first varieties in full bloom

February 14 2013
Don's articles about
low-water landscaping

rose seeds on eBay?!?

January 24 2013

Mahonia lomariifolia
blooming in January

fruiting wood on apricot

fruiting wood on apricot

fruiting wood on plum

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December 13 2012

Eric's ivy geraniums:
the influence of microclimate!

The Garden Professors
WSU extension blog, lots of great info

December harvest
in the Sacramento Valley