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Broadcasts from 2010 and 2011
22 December 2011
Freeze warnings: what to know, what to do (replayed 29 December 2011)
15 December 2011
Tree safety, December color, house plant problems, and more!
08 December 2011
Frost issues, Christmas trees, and more!
01 December 2011
Sound barriers; Correa, Hypericum; special apples, and more!
24 November 2011
Holiday rebroadcast: fall and winter garden topics
17 November 2011
Too late for winter veggies? No! Plus chestnuts, apples, and more!
10 November 2011
Shaded entry, bagrada bug, garbanzo beans, early bareroot veggies, and more!
03 November 2011
Ficus problems, gummosis, November flowers, and more!
27 October 2011
Bulbs, beneficial insects, propagation, and more!
20 October 2011
Seed-starting mix, house plant problems, winter vegies, and more!
13 October 2011
Night fragrance, fall flowers, cover crops, and more!
06 October 2011
Grape and citrus questions, fall garden activities, and more!
29 September 2011
Garden questions, watering containers, what to plant in the fall, and more!
22 September 2011
Drainage, soap, peat moss, garlic, and more!
15 September 2011
Plant nutrition, more on weeds, Easter broom, and more!
08 September 2011
Fall flowers, weed management, scorched leaves, how to kill a Daphne, and more!
01 September 2011
House plants; watermelon problems; yellowing leaves in the veg garden, and more
25 August 2011
Your questions: soil problems, yarrow, subtropicals, and more!
18 August 2011
Linden trees, subtropicals, shade plant ideas, and more!
11 August 2011
Meadow flowers; August color, rhubarb, hackberry aphid, and more!
04 August 2011
Summer gardening questions answered! (Rebroadcast from July 29 2010)
28 July 2011
Daylilies; August weeds and pests; what does full sun mean? and more!
Whitefly Management excerpt
Don and Lois discuss how to control whiteflies; excerpt from July 21 2011
21 July 2011
Whiteflies; horsetail, bamboo, and invasives; fertilizer basics!
14 July 2011
Summer tree problems; spoiling figs, Scotch broom, and many misc questions!
07 July 2011
Drip irrigation continued; orchid watering; odd summer questions
30 June 2011
Tree problems; drip irrigation overview
23 June 2011
Dogs, shade, ground cover? Water softeners, watering new plants, and more
16 June 2011
Lawn diseases, dead lawn patches, confining bamboo, more about Heucheras
09 June 2011
Pruning an overgrown hedge. Walkable ground covers, heucheras, and more..
02 June 2011
June in your garden; growing Peruvian lilies, and more.
26 May 2011
Spring weather problems in the garden; holes in the leaves? Vine choices, soil and fertilizer questions.
19 May 2011
Summer vegetables; recommended varieties, when to plant, and more.
12 May 2011
Vegetables, the Topsy-Turvy, Square-foot Gardening, raised planters; berries in hot climates.
05 May 2011
The Garden Professors; fruit tree spacing; Phormiums; yellowing leaves; watering iceplant; soil prep for veg's.
28 April 2011
Planting natives, pruning with chain saws, a bit more about fertilizers.
21 April 2011
More on fertilizers; windowboxes; plants for security; strawberries.
14 April 2011
Misc spring issues; the tomato "elevator speech;" watering, fertilizers, and more.
07 April 2011
Vine choices; April blooms, Lady Banks roses; vegetables for shade; grubs in the compost pile!
31 March 2011
Drainage problems, rose diseases, grafted tomatoes, mosquitoes, mandarins and baboons.
24 March 2011
Cherry worms, spring annuals, poison oak; misc. unusual edibles; huckleberries, blueberries, and currants.
17 March 2011
Fruit trees, fertilizers, saving seed; questions from a brand new vegetable gardener.
10 March 2011
Don had a speaking engagement. Rebroadcast of the December 30 pruning show: all about winter pruning of fruit trees and roses.
03 March 2011
March garden activities, mail-order nurseries (how to check their reputations); GMO, hybrid, or heirloom?
24 February 2011
Late frosts; florist plants; phosphorus fertilizers; Kiwi vines; fabric softeners for fungus gnats? Daphne problems; how to grow olives.
17 February 2011
Manure with vegetables; cactus; carnivorous plants, and more
10 February 2011
Laryngitis! Sorry! Camellia problems, birch borers; how to start seeds indoors.
03 February 2011
Sarcococca, winter veggies, tree root problems, winter pest problems, leaves yellowing, mulberry bushes; is it spring now?
27 January 2011
Choosing trees, shaded entryways, and more
20 January 2011
January gardening questions
13 January 2011
Winter gardening, roses and more

Sorry, no show January 6 2011. Due to technical problems, the show did not record. We will be back January 13!
30 December 2010
Special winter pruning show!
23 December 2010
Special citrus show!
16 December 2010
More winter garden questions!
09 December 2010
fertilizers, winter garden questions, and more
02 December 2010
Citrus, winter gardening, and more
25 November 2010
Special show: all about bulbs!
18 November 2010
Winter garden questions, and more!
11 November 2010
Native plants, garden resources, and more!
04 November 2010
Fall questions and November garden ideas!
<28 October 2010
So many gardening questions!
21 October 2010
All about fall gardening, continued!
14 October 2010
All about fall gardening!
07 October 2010
Hedges, sprinklers, veg gardens, and more!
30 September 2010
Your fall gardening questions answered!
23 September 2010
Winter weeds, interesting flowers!
16 September 2010
Fall gardening!
09 September 2010
September planting ideas, vines, fragrant plants
<02 September 2010
What blooms in September?
26 August 2010
Summer garden topics
19 August 2010
Weather and your garden; gardening for good bugs, and more
12 August 2010
August flowers, weeds, and more!
05 August 2010
How to make cuttings; your questions, and more!
29 July 2010
Summer gardening questions answered!
22 July 2010
Watering exceptions, allelopathy, buffalograss, and more!
15 July 2010
More summer garden questions
08 July 2010
How to water -- principles and examples
01 July 2010
Summer gardening questions
24 June 2010
Fruit trees, tomatoes, and other questions
17 June 2010
6/17 show did not record; this is a special rebroadcast:
All about watering
10 June 2010
Geraniums, thrips, heat lovers, and more
03 June 2010
Questions about watering, containers, and more
27 May 2010
What's wrong with my vegetables?!
20 May 2010
Questions about vegetables, aphids, and more!
13 May 2010
Tomato and fruit tree questions, and more!
06 May 2010
Vegetables, irrigation; is systemic safe?
29 April 2010
Starting a veg garden; understanding spring plant diseases
22 April 2010
Spring garden questions, watering, diseases, and more!
15 April 2010
Potatoes, dahlias, perennials, and more!
08 April 2010
Mulch, lilacs, and more!
01 April 2010
Soil pH, walnut toxicity, and more!
25 March 2010
Citrus suckers, raised planters, and more!
18 March 2010
Ladybugs, weed killers, and more!
11 March 2010
March in your garden!
04 March 2010
Lawn weeds, peppers, fungus, and more
25 February 2010
House plants, fruit flies, and more
18 February 2010
early spring garden questions!
11 February 2010
Grapes, blueberries, iceplant, and more
04 February 2010
Birds, orchids, walnuts, and more
28 January 2010
Borers, Camellias, starting seeds!
21 January 2010
Pruning, starting seeds, and more!
14 January 2010
Bareroot! Fruit trees, roses, and more
07 January 2010
Birds, bamboo, and your questions

Featured Plants & Articles

December 15, 2011

Weather Channel alerts available

Wind damage in Southern California;
photo courtesy of Eric

Fuyu persimmon!

December 01, 2011

Grevillea 'Scarlet Sprite'

Callistemon citrinus
Lemon bottlebrush

One source for heirloom apples

This month's column: drought tolerant shrubs

Hypericum androsaenum
'Ignite Scarlet'

October 27, 2011

Callicarpa acuminata
Beauty berry
Are they edible?
check this forum; I'd say no

September 22, 2011
Three easy houseplants:

Golden pothos

Zamioculcas zamiifolia
Easy ZZ plant

Peace lily
September 15, 2011
Annie's Annuals cut flower list
September 8, 2011

Rudbeckia hirta
Gloriosa daisy

Gaillardia X

Echinacea purpurea
Purple coneflower
August 25, 2011

Heather garden at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

Dahlia garden at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

August 18, 2011

Leonotis leonurus
Lion's tail

August 11 2011

Cranberry Lace

Creme Brulee

Achillea Sunny Seduction

Plumbago capensis
Cape plumbago

Sunflower showing the actual flowers

Geranium budworm larva

Euonymus scale

Euonymus scale

Euonymus scale closer

July 14 2011

Habenaria Egret flower
(from Flickr)

Peruvian lily, dwarf cultivars

June 30 2011

Assorted drip irrigation parts
photo by Lois

Trees mulched wrong!
See our current article
Common Landscape Errors!
June 16 2011: about Heucheras
Some pictures of the new hybrids here:
June 02 2011

Entomosporium leaf spot fungus
on evergreen pear (P. kawakami)

Alstroemeria Eliane

May 05 2011
Fremontodendron information
April 21 2011

Leatherwing beetle, aka soldier beetle
Baldo Villegas web site pics of beneficial insects!

Salsify and chicory

Lavandula stoechas 'Dedication'
Spanish lavender 'Dedication'

Spanish lavender 'Dedication' in a 5 gallon can

April 14 2011
Martha Stewart illustrates container drainage

April 07 2011

Rosa banksia 'Lutea'
yellow Lady Banks rose

Rosa banksia normalis
single white Lady Banks rose

Rosa banksia normalis
single white Lady Banks rose

March 24 2011

Ribes speciosum
Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry

Melianthus major
Honey bush flowers

Melianthus major
Honey bush foliage

A useful link from Eric in So Cal: be waterwise.com
February 24 2011

Pinguicula moranensis
Butterwort -- a carnivorous plant

Year-around ripening chart!
Web site for Dr. Norman Gary,
eminent Davis bee expert

January 27 2011

Botrytis mold on snapdragon

Ornamental kale in January

Fall vegetable planting chart!
December 09, 2010

Prunus cistena
dwarf redleaf plum, fall color

Prunus cistena
dwarf redleaf plum, growth habit

wild American persimmon

November 18, 2010

Persimmon Fuyu (non-astringent)

Persimmon Hachiya (astringent)

wild American persimmon

Lagerstroemia Dynamite fall color

November 11, 2010

Strange fruit of the Kieffer lime

Syrphid fly (hoverfly) on a Japanese anemone

October 21, 2010

Salvia 'Bright Eyes'

Salvia 'Flamenco Rose'

Salvia 'Golden Girl'

October 7, 2010

Salsify flowers and seedheads, and chicory (right)

September 23, 2010
Eric's dove flower
Habenaria radiata
Fringed orchid, Egret flower

September 16, 2010

Agastache Ruby Lights
Hummingbird mint

Leonotis leonurus
Lion's tail

September 2, 2010

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Dwarf plumbago